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Netflix are reportedly working on a Dishonored series

Published: 14:55, 16 August 2021
picture showing characters from dishonored 2
Dishonored 2

American streaming giant Netflix are working on a mysterious Dishonored project, according to the latest rumours. The details about the project are pretty scarce at the moment but it looks like the project will be a live-action series.

We already know that Netflix are quite serious with their expansion into video games and video game adaptations. The streaming giant already brought us the mega-popular The Witcher series starring Henry Cavill and it looks like another TV series based on a popular video game franchise could soon become reality.

According to the report from giantfreakingrobot , Netflix are working on a Dishonored project. Sadly, the details about the project are pretty scarce. We have no idea if this will be a The Witcher-like live-action TV series or an animated TV series like Castlevania for example. The only bit of detail in the report states that Netflix are working on the project.

If we had to bet, we would say it's probably a live-action series, since Dishonored certainly has that potential. It may not be as rich as The Witcher with several books but Dishonored's world, theme and characters are a great starting point for whoever is working on a script for the project.

AltChar Netflix are expanding into video games Netflix are expanding into video games

Since we only got the first rumour about the Netflix Dishnored thing, it's safe to say that we will have to wait a bit longer to get the first trailer and release date. Our guess would be 2023 but that's just speculation, of course, and it's possible Netflix are planning to release the Dishonored project sooner than expected.

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