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Navi disbanding Fortnite team over Epic's lack of esports support

Published: 17:32, 28 October 2019
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Natus Vincere esports club, perhaps more commonly known as simply Navi, has announced that they will be disbanding their Fortnite roster over what they claim is Epic Games' lack of support to esports players and organisations alike.

According to Navi's post, their Fortnite roster is being disbanded due to "unprofitability of the title", which also means they're saying goodbye to Quinten and LnueF.

This, however, doesn't seem to be the only reason, as they specifically named Epic Games and their lack of support to esports clubs. "Unfortunately, despite huge interest in the discipline on behalf of the players, the publisher, Epic Games, does not support the esports clubs, completely ignoring their interests", they said. 

What they're referring to is the Fortnite World Cup back in July, where Epic supposedly enforced the number of sponsors and the size of their logos. Navi state that some were even banned and that this is the first time in their career they've faced such an approach.

"Developing the esports scene exclusively based on huge prize pools is a short-run and risky model, so NAVI esports club made a decision to not maintain the Fortnite roster and focus on other titles", they concluded.

Navi competed on this year's Fortnite World Cup and their team, which consisted of the two now-released players, reached 44th place, and this earned them $100,000 in Duos. Obviously, it wasn't enough to keep the team on the proverbial green.

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Epic didn't comment as of yet, although we expect them to, but one thing's for certain - Natus Vincere is a well known and reputable team, whose presence would be sorely missed on any tournament, Fortnite or no Fortnite.

You can find the full post on .

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