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Naraka: Bladepoint welcomes five limited-time modes for the holidays

Published: 21:41, 22 December 2021
24 Entertainment
Naraka: Bladepoint - Immortal's Temple
Naraka: Bladepoint - Immortal's Temple

Naraka: Bladepoint is introducing five new limited-time game modes later today. The new modes will be available until January 2022 and provide the players with a bunch of rewards.

Naraka: Bladepoint will be going through a round of maintenance tonight, December 23 to 24, between 23:00 and 03:00 UTC. The devs are rolling out a significant update that will, among other things, introduce five new limited-time modes for the holidays.

Limited-time modes in Naraka: Bladepoint

Eternal Blazes - available from December 23 until December 28

Gameplay Info:

  • Only ranged weapons allowed.
  • Defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit to rack up points.
  • At set intervals, the top two players will become the bounty targets. Eliminate the targets to get more points. 
  • Players will be given three random ranged weapons each time they spawn.
  • New snowy Souljades for Cannon and Flamebringer added to the game.
  • Upon defeating an enemy you'll gain Dark Tide Coins. Spend these on Souljades, weapons and supplies from Rift Dealers.
  • Gold Eggs can be found across the map. They are a free source of advanced Souljades and weapons. You keep any Souljades and Dark Tide Coins you've earned.

Hero adjustments for the mode: 

Yueshan and Tianhai's health in the Ultimate status has been reduced. Temulch's Zephyr Wisps will not be able to control the targets attacking with ranged weapons. The rage recovery speed of Tarka Ji's Blackout: Frenzy has been reduced.

24 Entertainment Naraka: Bladepoint - Tianhai Naraka: Bladepoint - Tianhai

Shadow Surge - available between December 28 and January 2, 2022

Gameplay Info:

  • Think The Herald's Trial but festive.
  • The safe zone is smaller at the start of the match.
  • Shadow Corruption deals high damage and doesn't stop spreading.
  • Each player gets two do-overs.
  • High-grade equipment and items will be easier to locate.
  • Silver Eggs will be scattered around the map, with a high chance to grant special, Snowy Souljades.

Path of Snow - Limited-time Daily Check Event - available from December 23 until January 5, 2022

Complete Daily Check at least seven times to get event avatars, the Ryuzan·Frost Reflection Katana skin, Calvary Treasure and other rewards.

  • 1st Daily Check: Accessory - Endless knot
  • 2nd Daily Check: Katana skin - Ryuzan·Frost Reflection
  • 3rd Daily Check: 800 Tae
  • 4th Daily Check: Avatar - Holly
  • 5th Daily Check: Cavalry Coins x4
  • 6th Daily Check: Emote - Send Gift
  • 7th Daily Check: Cavalry Treasure x1

The Path of Snow event will be made up out of two rounds. Players can choose which final reward they'd like to get at the start of each match and redeem their Lucky Bells for the chosen item once the match is over.

Round time:

  • Round 1: December 23 until December 29
  • Round 2: December 29 - January 5, 2022

PR Naraka Bladepoint - Valda Cui, The Sea Dragon Naraka Bladepoint - Valda Cui, The Sea Dragon

Festive Fellow - from December 23 until January 12, 2022

Event rules:

  • Complete weekly quests to earn Christmas Stockings during the event. The hosiery can be exchanged for event rewards. The quests will be reset each Thursday at 4 p.m.

Some Naraka: Bladepoint players will be chosen to be the eponymous "Festive Fellows" and spread the holiday cheer with one Merry Card each day they log in. The Merry Cards can be used to send  Season's Greetings to other players, who will receive a Peace Apple by system email. These can be exchanged for in-game rewards. New Festive Fellows will be chosen each Thursday.

Redeem deadline is January 13, 2022.

Torchbearer Gift - December 23 until January 6, 2022

Players will need to log into Naraka: Bladepoint and reach level nine if they want to pass the torch during this seasonal event. Passing the torch will yield a single Torchbearer Gift.

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