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Myst franchise getting rereleased for the game's 25th birthday

Published: 21:09, 19 March 2018
Updated: 20:59, 20 March 2018
Cyan Inc
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Pay attention you old sods - Myst franchise, the entire quintuple, is getting rereleased on its 25th anniversary, after Cyan announced they've obtained the righs from Ubisoft to the last two games - Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation.

Cyan recently broke the news on their website, saying that 2018 is the year to mark Myst's 25th anniversary. However, the company wants it to be special so they're going for a limited, collector's edition with "a cool artifact".

Cyan Inc An old notebook with a pencil and post-it that has 25 written on it Myst, 25th anniversary

The company also pointed out that when you're an independent developer, "resources are limited for development, and acquiring rights isn’t always an option."

However, they've apparently fought tooth and nail for this and Ubisoft eventually agreed to hand over the rights, which historically equals Leonidas' escapades. Note however that unlike the Spartan gentleman, Cyan won.

Cyan says that all five of Myst games are coming in a Windows 10 package by the end of the year. It's uncertain as of yet whether the rerelease comes with further adjustments and visual improvements, or whether the Myst franchise will simply be patched up to run on Windows 10 without crashing.

Cyan Inc Rendered scene of a large building built on water Myst

Furthermore, Cyan hinted at more sequels to the Myst franchise, saying that "there will probably be more adventures in the Myst universe". With that in mind, perhaps it's wise to refresh the memories of gamers worldwide.

In case you don't recall or were too young to play Myst, you should know that we're talking about the best selling PC game of the 20th century and an absolute powerhouse of any, not only adventure games of the time.

The game's had a long and illustrious path and despite it being firmly entrenched into gaming history, it's not done yet. Well, at least we hope it isn't.

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