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Train assassin simulation Murderous Pursuits is available now

Published: 17:28, 27 April 2018
Blazing Griffin
Poster image for Murderous Pursuits video game
Murderous Pursuits

Blazing Griffin have announced that Murderous Pursuits is now available on Steam. The game is all about aristocratic assassination aboard a Victorian era train filled with assassins and victims. Each player is both hunter and the hunted.

Murderous Pursuits is essentially a blood spilling version of hide and seek, aboard a train that is apparently also a time travel machine. The train was set in motion by a mysterious Mr. X, and it is filled with murderous villains, some of whom will be the players. Considering it's all about eliminating the opposition, Murderous Pursuits' charm lies in the subtle multiplayer murder simulation.

By being subtle, I don't mean just hiding in shadows, as the train cars are rather confined spaces without much room for manoeuvring. Players will have to "socialise" with the AI in order to hide in plain sight while waiting for the perfect moment to murder their target. Hiding also helps players avoid other assassins who have them as a target.

Murderous Pursuits will feature game modes with one to eight players - each of them get a different target, and each player is also a target for someone else. Players will have to mimic the AI's behaviour in order to outmanoeuvre their adversaries. Players will have different ways to win the game by either being discrete, commandeering weapons or taunting your opponents' lifeless bodies.

The game is priced at £17,99, €19,99 or $19,99 for Standard Edition and £24,99, €29,99 or $29,99 for Deluxe Edition depending on your region. Deluxe Edition will include new skins for characters and a digital art book. Players can also upgrade from Standard to Deluxe separately, in case they're not sure if they need Deluxe immediately.

Murderous Pursuits is localized for many regions, and therefore has seven different languages included - English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese are also getting full support in near future.

Blazing Griffin An assassin is approaching his victim in Murderous Pursuits. Murderous Pursuits - This man has commandeered a sword for a not-so-subtle murder.

While the full support for all these languages is impressive on its own, it would be even more interesting if the characters in the game could speak different languages.

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