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Counter Strike Global Offensive is reintroducing the MP5 SMG

Published: 12:16, 16 August 2018
Picture of MP5SD that is about to be released in CS:GO
Counter Strike Global Offensive

Valve have announced they will be reintroducing the MP5 to Counter Strike series soon, with a teaser of an MP5SD in action in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Technically, they already did, but only for Deathmatch and offline game modes.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has seen a lot of success since its launch, but it certainly didn't come due to frequent changes or innovation. Valve have taken their sweet time with introducing new content, usually releasing new guns years apart. The time has finally come to reintroduce the somewhat classic MP5. I say somewhat, because it comes with the integrated suppressor, as MP5SD.

The CS:GO team released a , where a player walks around and "accidentally" runs into an MP5SD and then released the weapon shortly after. However, the MP5SD is not available in competitive play yet, as it can only be used in Deathmatch when it comes to online modes.

As it currently stands, the MP5SD will have 27 damage per shot, a 720 rounds per minute fire rate and 15 meters accurate range, with a regular SMG 300 per cent kill award. You can check more stats regarding the weapon on , at 0:43 or you can check the gun's recoil pattern at 0:53.

The same video suggests that the MP5SD will go in the same slot as the MP7 so you will have to decide which one to carry in your loadout, the same way it works with the R8 Revolver and Desert Eagle.

Speaking of R8, everyone who played CS:GO during late 2015 will remember the nightmares this gun brought due to being ridiculously overpowered. It was nerfed shortly after and it seems like no one complains about it anymore.

Valve Ingame screenshot of text changes of CS:GO Counter Strike: Global Offensive - text changes

Such a fate might not hit the MP5SD though, as the gun's stats seem to be in line and it will go through further testing before being deployed to other online game modes. Try to have fun with it in Deathmatch though, as everyone seems to be playing with MP5SD only now.

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