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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord brings updates to all facets of the game

Published: 01:00, 06 July 2021
TaleWorlds Entertainment
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

With e1.6.0 available in beta and e1.5.10 on its way to live soon, TaleWorlds thought it’d be a good time to share another development update to discuss the latest changes to the game, and so development update number eight was born.

The update concerns both patches, with different fixes and changes made for problems found to plague each patch the most.

The first change that can be found, is the intro video, explaining the history of Calradia in greater detail. The video can be watched when starting a new playthrough.

Make sure to check out the new campaign difficulty presets when starting a new playthrough, which provides you with some helpful suggestions for the game’s difficulty settings. These presets are accompanied by a number of additions and changes to the difficulty options that allow you to further tailor the game’s difficulty to your liking.

Ironman mode is being added to the 1.6.0 patch, which restrains your savefile to just a single one, for that playthrough, with no option to leave without saving, of course.

A new player character visual was added to the save/load screen that helps to remove some of the burdens from your memory when it comes to recalling characters from your save files, especially if you have multiple ongoing playthroughs. However, it must be noted that you will need to load and save any existing save files for this update to take effect.

Next up, a fairly significant change to the character progression system is implemented. One that makes the characters' level will no longer affect learning rates, giving you much more freedom and control when it comes to developing your character.

TaleWorlds Entertainment Tutorial screen in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Levels will no longer influence character learning speed

Changes were made to diplomacy and politics. Bending the knee is now more rewarding than ever, with receiving weapons, armor, or elite units from your liege. New tabs have been added to the Kingdom War tab, making it easier to track which wars you are involved in. After checking out the Kingdom Wars tab, you may wish to consider making use of the new party stance system that allows you to assign a general stance to subordinate parties to influence their behavior on the campaign map. These stances are: defensive, aggressive, and neutral, making it easier to run a kingdom without your vassals getting themselves killed.

The game has been out for a long time now, and every new patch brings it closer to what the game was meant to be. It is then good news to see that the developers are using community feedback correctly, and applying it to the game development.

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