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More details leak on Dark Souls Remastered, will try to retain the original's identity

Published: 11:40, 03 April 2018
Bandai Namco
An armoured knight standing in front of a bonfire in Dark Souls: Remastered
Dark Souls: Remastered

Some two months ahead of highly anticipated launch of Dark Souls Remasters, additional details leaked on how Bandai Namco plan on making the game as relevant as possible without stepping away from the game's more traditional values.

Apparently, Dark Souls will retain most of its core appeal, graphics excluded, so changes are along the lines of being able to use more than one Hard Soul at a time. You may recall that Dark Souls players were usually forced into waiting for each animation to finish. 

Naturally, the game will come in 4K resolution for the more juiced up consoles, such as PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Both of them will run Dark Souls Remastered at 60 frames per second and the documents suggest a much snappier experience.

Bandai Namco An armoured knight ambushing three skeletons Dark Souls: Remastered

also says that a PlayStation 4 Pro ran through Blighttown without any hitching and seeing as how the area is notorious for chewing up some serious frame-mileage, it's a decent feat.

It's an even more impressive feat when considering the upscaling of pretty much everything from the original Dark Souls. In fact, it is said that Londo Ruins and Darkroot Garden have been greatly overhauled in regards to volumetric lighting, atmospheric effects and similar improvements.

Dark Souls players' long time gripe, clunky jumping, may actually be addressed this time around, with the leak suggesting the jump action can be remapped to L3 on controllers, which is how it was implemented in Dark Souls' latter instalments.

Bandai Namco Dark Souls: Remastered's classification by the Austrailan government Dark Souls: Remastered

Other than that, however, it has been said that players shouldn't expect anything revolutionary from Dark Souls Remastered - it's pretty much the same old Dark Souls in brand new clothes.

Obviously, while there will be certain minor changes that simply attempt to prevent dated mechanics from impeding the game's flow, the game looks to retain what made it special in the first place.

Dark Souls Remastered is coming out on 25 May 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and .

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