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More Battlefield screenshots have leaked online ahead of the official reveal

Published: 07:24, 05 June 2021
Early alpha Battlefield screenshots showing a helicopter and solider with gun
Early alpha Battlefield screenshots

A fresh batch of Battlefield screenshots has surfaced online, showcasing some of the maps, weapons and vehicles that players will have at their disposal.

Another day, another Battlefield leak. After the alleged reveal trailer was fully leaked several days ago, confirming the details we've heard from reliable insiders, today, a fresh batch of screenshots have surfaced online, giving us a first look at how the game might look from the players perspective.

The screenshots appeared on Discord but spread like a wildfire all over the internet and it will probably be impossible for EA to DMCA all of these before the official reveal, which is happening in the coming days.

As you can see from the screenshots we have attached in the article, the game looks spectacular and captures the Battlefield feel and theme quite nicely. Now, imagine how good these screenshots will look once we get them in decent quality.

Reddit Battlefield screenshot showing a plane escaping sandstrom Battlefield screenshot

As for the interesting bits that the screenshots reveal, it's now pretty much known that the game is set in the modern day/near future, as insiders predicted.

We get to see tanks, helicopters, plans, modern guns, and some spectacular locations, which is pretty much everything we wanted from Battlefield for a long long time. 

Reddit Battlefield screenshot 2 showing tanks Battlefield screenshot 2

We don't know about you, but these screenshots got us hyped for the June 9 reveal and the first alpha test, which should be coming in July.

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, the upcoming week will be an exciting one for Battlefield fans since the game could have up to three reveals - June 9, which is the official EA reveal, June 10 at Summer Game Fest and finally at the Xbox showcase on June 13.

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