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Monster Hunter: World gets 3rd free update, say hi to Lunastra

Published: 08:43, 31 May 2018
Lunastra, Capcom's addition to Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World

Capcom have dropped their third free update of Monster Hunter: World and this time around, the company brought back the elder dragon Lunastra, the Empress of Flame. Slaying her will not be easy but if you manage, rewards are worth it.

Although best done with some good old overpowered Monster Hunter teamwork, Capcom say that players beware because Lunastra is accompanied by her mate Teostra. She can bond with him to dish out some serious damage so you'll want to get stocked on those Lifepowders.

As is customary, slaying the beast allows monster hunters to forge new equipment for themselves and their palicos. Moreover, Smithy's tinkering has unlocked a skill called Guts, which grants added tactical defence capabilities when using Lunastra's arsenal. Nergigante and Xeno'jiva also seem fuse well with Lunastra materials, so plenty of tinkering potential there.

Monster Hunter: World devs say that Lunastra's arrival means more changes to the elder dragon ecosystem. Apparently, we'll be seeing much more powerful elder dragons, dubbed the Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons.

The new Monster Hunter: World update also adds a new specialised tool called the Temporal Mantle, which helps against high damage attacks thanks to some automatic evasion. Hunting tempered monsters or breaking their parts will now discover investigations and how can we forget - "it's now easier to successfully pet the Poogie."

The update weighs in at around 550MB for the PlayStation 4 version and 570MB for Xbox One. As usual, it comes with a slew of Monster Hunter: World bug fixes and minor tweaks, all of which can be found .

This is not the first time Lunastra has visited the Monster Hunter franchise, as faithful fans of the franchise will tell you. Both Lunastra and Teostra actually debuted in Monster Hunter 2 back in 2006. 

Capcom Two monster hunters in armour from Monster Hunter: World Monster Hunter: World

Note that Monster Hunter 2 never released outside of Japan and the two were named Nana Teskatory and Teo Teskatoru, respectively. The rest of the world could get a taste of the freshly renamed Lunastra and Teostra in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, a PSP game from 2007.

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