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Monster Hunter: World gets PC update and a bunch of promises

Published: 17:25, 05 October 2018
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Monster Hunter: World

Capcom have rolled out a hefty update for the PC version of Monster Hunter: World and while it brings a bunch of fixes, none of them seem geared towards fixing the game's truly appalling current state. Textures? Anyone thought of textures?

Capcom have at long last admitted to the problem, which seems to be a success in its own right. Of course, this benevolence ain't worth squat once you're trying to play Monster Hunter: World, but hey - it's a start.

Anyway, the update first brings new content in The Autumn Harvest Fest which starts today, 05 October 2018. The event quests are "1★ quest "Up at the Crack of Dawn" and the 5★ quest "Every Hunter's Dream," as well as the 2★ Challenge Quest "Vespoid Infestation".

Monster Hunter: World players who regret their choices of name and appearance wil soon get a chance to amend that, if they haven't already. Namely, Capcom are distributing free character edit vouchers starting today and you better make it count, because there won't be any more.

The dev fixed a bunch of combat bugs, with the list including great sword, long sword, lance, hammer, switch axe, charge blade and the bow. There's also a plethora of minor fixes and tweaks on pretty much everything from camera to in-game skills.

It seems that player outrage reached Capcom though, as they followed up the update with an announcement that the next update will look to incorporate fan requested features. They listed texture streaming functionality and improved keyboard controls as some of these.

I must admit though, Monster Hunter: World's Steam page is a real social experiment, a clash of different gaming standards. Some fans are perfectly content waiting for Capcom to shape their product into what they thought they were buying, while others are nowhere near as docile. Both of them rightfully so, if it makes any sense.

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You can check out Monster Hunter: World's full patch notes on the game's Steam page , which Capcom split up in four announcements. It make the update look more major.

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Capcom's Monster Hunter World has a variety of monsters to fight, with more being added every now and then for free

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