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Monster Hunter: Rise teaser shows Palamute, Palico, character creator

Published: 14:58, 05 November 2020
Monster Hunter: Rise screenshot showing male warrior
Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter: Rise launches in March 2020, so there's ample time for Capcom to keep the teasers coming, starting with the latest one that focuses on Palamute, Palico and character creator.

"Create your paw-fect companion in Monster Hunter: Rise", Capcom wrote in the description, and we can't help but feel cattacked.  

Anyway, creating your Palamute and Palico should be a breeze, with Monster Hunter: Rise's menus covering all the customisation bases. Coat, eyes, ears, tail, clothes, and additional controls for Hue, Saturation and Contrast means you have everything you need to make sure you stand out. Character creation is even more detailed, with extra controls for the size of the underlying facial features.

In case you're just tuning in, Monster Hunter: Rise is Capcom's way to make sure Nintendo Switch owners aren't missing out on the popular action-RPG. Anyone who's played Monster Hunter: World knows that porting it to the Switch would've required so much work, that it made more sense to start anew.

That said, seasoned veterans won't have any trouble finding their way around Monster Hunter: Rise, as it closely follows the formulas established in its bigger brother. Capcom thought it's best to steer clear of numbers in the name, opting instead to use the verticality of in-game levels in a more creative manner. 

Traversing the cliffs of Monster Hunter: Rise is made simpler by either using the Wirebug, a variant of MH:W Iceborne's Clutch Claw, or riding your Palamute, which will save you stamina in the process.


Monster Hunter: Rise's weapons arsenal will be identical to Generations and World, along with their properties. The monster pool, on the other hand, will be using the combination of new and old ones.

Monster Hunter: World's expansion Iceborne, by Capcom

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: World

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