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Monster Hunter and Resident Evil continue to lead the way for Capcom

Published: 13:43, 13 February 2020
Monster Hunter: World

Capcom have updated their sales figures but if you were hoping to see changes in their top-10 earners, we'll have to disappoint you. Monster Hunter: World is still in the lead, head and shoulders above the rest in Capcom's arsenal.

With the arrival of Iceborne, Monster Hunter: World got a jolt in the sales department, and it proudly sits at the top with 14.9 million units sold. Capcom's figures pegged Iceborne sales at around 2.5, while the base game was at 14 million copies. 

Next up is a triple-threat of Resident Evil games, starting with RE5, which has sold 7.6 million units. RE6 follows it closely with 7.4 million. Both of these launched for the seventh generation of consoles by the way, i.e. PS3 and Xbox 360. 

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard sits in fourth place with 7.0 million units sold. You'll notice that they're ordered correctly too, although we're not sure what to make of that without delving deeper into the numbers. 

Street Fighter 2 has so far sold 6.3 million units, which in today's climate may not seem that impressive. That is until you consider that it launched on SNES only. Yeah, 6.3 million cartridges flogged - not too shabby. 

The only change that went down on Capcom's top-10 list is that Resident Evil 2 from 2019 in the meantime overtook the original one. Nevertheless, the 2019 remake sold on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and in the age of digital no less, making its 5.8 million less impressive than the original's PS-only 4.96 million. 

Capcom Resident Evil 2 remake's protagonist Claire fighting a monster Resident Evil 2

The last three titles on the list are all from the Monster Hunter franchise - Freedom 3, Generations and MH 4 Ultimate, which sold 4.9, 4.3 and 4.2 million units, respectively. 

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Monster Hunter: World's expansion Iceborne, by Capcom

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: World

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