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EA accumulate $1 billion in microtransactions, analysts say

Published: 13:06, 30 January 2019
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Madden NFL Mobile

EA's mobile sports line-up has raked in over $1 billion for the publishing hydra to date, according to an analysis by Sensor Tower. Games from the NFL Madden free-to-play line-up account for a majority of microtransaction revenue.

These figures relate to in-app purchases across all self-published EA Sports free-to-play mobile titles released on the App Store and Google Play worldwide. The titles in question include UFC, NBA Live, FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL and a whole range of others.

EA Sports titles published by other companies outside the US, such as Tencent's licensed treatment of FIFA Soccer World in China were not included in the final tally.

The largest contributor to this revenue stream is the Madden NFL branch of EA's mobile sports line-up, accounting for nearly half of all in-app purchase revenue, or roughly $490 million worth of player-spending. 

FIFA titles - FIFA Soccer and FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team to be more precise, come in at a close second, providing for roughly 36 per cent of revenue.

When it comes to a breakdown of revenue by region, US customers contribute a clear majority of purchases with approximately 62 per cent of that $1 billion figure being generated in the region.

Microtransactions from Great Britain and Japan account for 5.7 and 5.4 per cent of the total revenue respectively.

US customers have shown a probably obvious tendency towards spending on NBA and NFL related games, while the two next above mentioned top earning countries are more inclined towards FIFA games.

Wikipedia Picture showing EA logo on blue background "A cloud-native future"

These show that microtransactions remain a reliable source of revenue for publishers. Consumer outcry and legislative action concerning questionable ethics with their implementation in the form of lootboxes and their ilk can be viewed in a different light when billion dollar revenue is taken into account.

While it is difficult to say how much of an impact RNG and pseudo-gambling-boxes had on EA's stellar figures here, one would be hard-pressed to disregard them entirely.

Belgian legislators have recently taken some against EA in this arena.

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