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Microsoft xCloud starts testing in-browser performance

Published: 11:56, 16 February 2021
artwork showing xbox one controller, a smartphone and a tablet
Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service

Video game streaming has long craved that bit of attention that fledgeling techs need to fully mature, and it looks like Microsoft's Project xCloud is finally getting some public displays of love.

We happen to be so old that we vividly recall when this was well in the domain of science fiction. It took quite some time for bandwidth and latency to replace sci-fi dreams and become the actual limiting factors, with the likes of Stadia and xCloud primed for success. 

Granted, Stadia has been a bit quicker to the table, but Microsoft has had its next-gen launch to take care of, and figure out where xCloud sits in the picture. And they've now commenced in-browser testing, which means Microsoft are one step closer to being ready for prime time. 

As reported by Verge, who took a few snapshots too, the company has started putting xCloud through its paces for when it's ultimately merged into Microsoft's other services. 

If you're wondering whether Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership means everything stays the same, though, there may be a few surprises.

"Many of the games in the Project xCloud preview will be available to play with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership on Xbox consoles, PCs, and Android mobile phones or tablets at no additional cost. Please note, not all games from preview will be available with Xbox Game Pass – if you wish to keep playing these games, you will need to purchase and download them to a PC or Xbox console where you can continue your same saved game via your Xbox profile", they wrote.

Microsoft An advert for Project xCloud, showing various supported games. This... is very cool.

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