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Microsoft will reportedly share digital revenues with GameStop on every Xbox they sell

Published: 12:21, 15 October 2020
Xbox Series X and S packaging
Xbox Series X and S packaging

According to the latest reports, GameStop will receive a share of all digital revenue generated by Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles sold in their stores.

Earlier this month, it's been revealed that Microsoft and GameStop have struck a partnership but until today, the details have been kept under the wraps. Just like rumours suggested and now confirmed by, GameStop will receive a share of all digital revenues generated by a console sold in their stores.

GameStop chain will get a share of all downstream revenue for customers they bring into the Xbox ecosystem this generation. 

"Essentially, if a customer has purchased their Xbox Series X or S from any GameStop branch, the retailer will get a share of each digital purchase the user makes, whether its full-game downloads or downloadable content," it's written in the report.

Additionally, this applies for DLCs of a physical base game that was purchased at another retailer. Basically, GameStop will get revenue if they sell DLC from the Xbox Store even if the customer purchased the base game somewhere else.

Gamestop image showing gamestop store GameStop

GameStop will also report to Microsoft every unit they sell and this also extends to pre-owned Xbox Series X|S consoles. At the moment, it is unknown if the retailer have a similar partnership with Sony for their next-gen console PlayStation 5.

You can find the full report with additional details on the deal here.

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