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Microsoft reportedly planning Xbox Series S, Lockhart model

Published: 15:35, 21 April 2020
Xbox Series X console and controller
Xbox Series X

Rumour has it that Microsoft have a few surprises up their sleeve, and that they'll be announcing a cheaper, entry-level console on their event in May.

Most of the interest around next-gen consoles has focused on the comparisons between Xbox Series X and Sony's PlayStation 5, what with the specs being available for some time.

Of course, what we're all yet to learn are the price points, which will be a battle in their own right, but as reported by Windows Central, Microsoft may have an alternative solution for the cash strapped. 

The solution is said to be so-called Xbox Series S, the cheaper face of their next-gen offering. Codenamed Lockhart, the console reportedly offers 4TF of computing power. 

In comparison, Xbox One X packs 6TF, so Lockhart may not sound like a direct replacement. However, it will come with some advanced features like NVME loading speeds and even some ray-tracing, which should make it a more attractive option. 

According to the report, Lockhart is in the final feedback and testing stage, where some Microsoft's employees get to take it home and put it through its paces. 

All this coincides with the company's presentation timeline, and it's expected that Lockhart will be officially revealed sometime in May 2020. 

In related rumours, Microsoft are reportedly planning a new model of its Xbox Stereo Headset, as well as new Surface hardware. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X artwork showing hardware specs Xbox Series X

With all the numbers being thrown around, customers are still waiting for arguably the most important figure of them all - the price. Lockhart's, as well as Xbox Series X's price is what will provide the bang-per-buck ratio, and even though processing power is important, it all means little without the price tag. 

You can learn more via Windows Central .

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