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Microsoft may be dropping Xbox Live branding

Published: 08:07, 22 March 2021
Inside Xbox event is set for 06 May 2020
Inside Xbox event is set for 06 May 2020

Xbox Series X|S dashboard no longer mentions Xbox Live in certain cases which suggests that Microsoft could be dropping the branding very soon, as some rumours suggested.

It looks like Xbox Live could become history very soon, al least the name of the service, not it's purpose. According to several Xbox Series X owners, the Xbox dashboard which previously referred to the service as Xbox Live, no longer includes that moniker. Instead, it simply refers to it as Xbox network now. Check out the images below:

As you may know, rumours about Microsoft removing Xbox Live have been all over the social media and gaming forums for quite some time now but the tech giant have made it clear that they do not have any plans to drop the service anytime soon.

They even increased the price of Xbox Live Gold recently, which resulted in a massive backlash from the Xbox fans. Shortly after that, Microsoft reverted the decision. 

Anyway, at this very moment, it's safe to say that Xbox Live Gold as a service will stay but Microsoft may be looking to rebrand it since "Live" is not really that important in 2021. A big majority of Xbox consoles are live right now, after all. 

Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft's next-gen console aces

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Set phasers to fridge.

It will be interesting to see what exactly are Microsoft's plans for Xbox Live and Live Gold. Perhaps, the merge with Xbox Game Pass seems like the most obvious solution but at the moment, the company are not revealing much about such a scenario but who knows what kind of surprises Microsoft have in store. 

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