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Doom and Rage have been added to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass

Published: 11:29, 13 August 2018
Bethesda Softworks, id Software
A demon from doom
Doom - 4k? More like 4k kilograms of demonic power

It appears like Microsoft will be an accomplice in Id Software, Bethesda and Avalanche Studios' efforts in hyping up their upcoming releases Doom Eternal and Rage 2, by adding Doom and Rage to their Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass now holds upwards of 100 games and It's probably the right time too, with QuakeCon having just finished. Besides, seeing as how Rage 2 is expected to launch in the first half of 2019, it will give players plenty of time to refresh their collective memory on what the original game was about.

I was personally planning to give Rage another chance now that we're both older but alas, there are plenty more attractive fish in the sea of gaming at the moment. That's not to say I'm advising against it, because Rage is by no means a bad game. I happened to be one of the suckers who believed it would be much more and it had all the right ingredients - they just didn't play well together, no pun intended.

As for Doom, the one from 2016 of course, that one was no doubt a true masterpiece and in hindsight, it was a perfect prelude to the phenomenally brutal Doom Eternal. In case you didn't see it, id Software showed a gratuitous amount of Doom Eternal gameplay on QuakeCon and I must admit my trigger finger is already itching.

Coincidentally, the Doom from 2016 was once criticised for being too brutal, which I found ridiculous then and I'm incredibly glad id and Bethesda persisted in their intention to keep the game firmly rooted in its brutal history. One would think that this sort of sensitivity would've never found its way into the world of gaming. Seriously though - how do you not want to play this?

On a related note, id Software revealed that Quake Champions development is finally in full swing, now that QuakeCon is done. The company said that while Quake Champions development was in "crawl" stage, they're now in the "walk" stage. However, the game won't leave Early Access until they're at "sprint". How about you just press shift or something?

RAGE 2 by Avalanche Studios, id Software and Bethesda

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Rage 2

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