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Metro 2033 Redux now free on Epic Games Store, Tropico 5 is next

Published: 17:17, 22 December 2020
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Metro 2033

4A Games' critically acclaimed action-horror title Metro 2033 Redux is now free on Epic Games Store until tomorrow - December 23, 2020. Popular city-builder Tropico 5 is up next, too.

Epic Games Store are giving away fifteen free games over the course of two weeks and some of these were already available in the last five days. Titles like Alien Isolation, The Long Dark, Cities: Skyline and more have been offered for free for 24 hours and if you grabbed them, they are yours to keep forever. However, if you missed these, you'll have to wait for another giveaway in the near future. 

Today, Epic Games Store are offering another great game for free. You can download 4A Games' critically acclaimed action-horror title Metro 2033 in its graphically enhanced, Redux version. "Metro 2033 Redux is yours for free! Claim it until December 23 (11:00 AM Eastern), and check back tomorrow for your next gift," Epic Games Store tweeted.

The next game that will be available for free on Epic Games Store is one for the fans of strategy titles. It's popular city-builder Tropico 5 so if you're a fan Kalypso's sim, make sure to check back tomorrow for a free download. 

Epic Games Store are yet to officially confirm this is the freebie for tomorrow but thanks to a leaked list , which has been spot on for every game so far, it's safe to say that Tropico 5 will indeed be free on the storefront on Wednesday.

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