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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite getting new costumes

Published: 10:17, 04 December 2017
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Ultron Conquest

Twelve new costumes in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are headed for release in two different packs: Stone Seekers Costume Pack and Cosmic Crusaders Costume Pack, come 5 December 2017.

Even though the 12 costumes are sorted in two packs of six each, you are not obliged to buy entire packs to get a single costume you like. You can purchase them individually for 3.99€ or if you like an entire pack you can get it for 11.99€ or if you have Premium Costume Pass you will get them with no additional charge. It is worth a note that the Premium Costume Pass is retroactive so if you purchase it in order to get the two new costume packs , you will also get the eighteen previously released costumes.

The attention to detail in these new suits is unquestionable, ranging from sleek designs for Spider-Man and Ultron to classy take on characters of brutish nature, such as Thanos and Haggar. 

Capcom Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Full contents of the Stone Seekers pack is as follows:

  • Metro City Mayor Haggar
  • Proto Man Frank West
  • Jedah Makai Messiah
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Ultron Conquest Costume
  • Thanos Annihilation Costume

Capcom Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Stone Seekers Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Stone Seekers

And the Cosmic Crusaders Costume pack contains:

  • Rocket Raccoon Space Suit
  • Nova Prime
  • Special Zero
  • Special X
  • Classic Gamora
  • Strider Hien

Capcom Marvel vs Capcom Cosmic Crusaders Marvel vs Capcom Cosmic Crusaders

Now for the not so shiny part when it comes to DLC. Aside from beautiful new costumes, MvCI is also released another batch of DLC Characters. They are bringing Venom, Black Widow and Winter soldier into the fold. You can buy them for 7.99€ a pop or buy character pass and get them all, with all the DLC characters previously released.

Every coin has two sides and this game is no exception. While the costumes are great and all, these DLC characters are the part of gameplay you don't get to experience without paying extra and some might argue that this could be pay to win part. While I hold it to be completely fine to have recurring payments for eye candy, I am completely against cut gameplay in favour of microtransactions.   

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