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Mafia: Definitive Edition details - Vehicles, side missions and difficulty settings

Published: 09:48, 24 June 2020
Mafia Definitive Edition
Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia developers Hangar 13 have shared a ton of new info about their upcoming remake of the original title. The team talked about new difficulty settings, new vehicles and side missions, which will not be similar to repetitive missions in Mafia 3.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is set to launch later this year and as you may know, it brings a total overhaul of the beloved original with gorgeous-looking graphics, new story missions and a bunch of other additions and improvements.

In the latest interview with USGamer, the President and Chief Creative Officer Haden Blackman of the developer Hangar 13, talked about the game and these improvements, inspirations and everything else that players can look forward to.

One of the new additions is the motorcycle, which was not available in the original game. With Mafia Definitive Edition, players will get to ride motorcycles and experience the old chase scenes in a completely new way.

On top of this, the game's side missions will not be similar to those of Mafia 3. As you may know, Mafia 3 had some pretty disappointing and repetitive side missions which tasked players with destroying the property of their rivals. Blackman said side missions will be diverse this time around.

2K Games Mafia: Definitive Edition protagonist Mafia: Definitive Edition

He also mentioned that the game is set to arrive with a ton of difficulty settings which will allow players to set up the game to their liking. For example, you'll get to choose from two driving options - simulation and arcade, which was also available in Mafia 3 but the team has completely reworked and improved the feature to fit the tone of the remake.

You can find more details about the game in the interview here.

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