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Three story expansions coming for Mafia 3 this year

Published: 11:27, 03 February 2017
mafia poster showing mobsters
Mafia 3

Over the course of the next few months, the action title will be getting some story expansions

Hangar 13 revealed the timeline for the upcoming story expansions: three paid DLCs are set to release in March, May and July although the studio made clear that no date is set in stone.

The first expansion is called "Faster, Baby" and features a team-up between Lincoln and Roxy Laveau who try to take down a corrupt Sheriff. The launch date is set to "End of March 2017".

Hangar 13 Mafia 3 protagonist, Lincoln Clay, is shooting someone Mafia 3

Stones unturned, which is coming sometime in May, will see Lincoln and CIA agent John Donovan join forces to settle a blood-feud brewing from the time Lincoln served in the Vietnam War.

Sign of the times, slated for July, will introduce a cult responsible for a series of ritualistic killings. 

Hangar 13 Mafia 3 poster depicting its protagonist walking toward a city in a depressive brown colour palette. Mafia III - Going to Town

All three expansions are set to bring about fresh gameplay mechanics, activities, environments and rewards, and will be part of the game’s season pass. More details can be found on the game's page.

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