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Mad Box already has three conglomerates ready to invest

Published: 08:54, 09 January 2019
Updated: 09:08, 09 January 2019
Slightly Mad Studios
Slightly Mad Studios' concept art for the Mad Box
Slightly Mad Studios' Mad Box, concept art

One cannot help but notice the irony of a company called Slightly Mad Studios taking on Sony and Microsoft but the company's CEO Ian Bell stressed that as much as three major conglomerates are ready to invest in their upcoming box.

That being said, some would say that even contemplating such a gargantuan task is more than just slightly mad, not least considering the hefty head start Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One have over the Mad Box.

After all, for all the success that Microsoft has had with Xbox, they still haven't properly caught up with Sony, whose PlayStation presence has been a force of gaming ever since the first one launched back in 1994. Yeah, 24 years ago and if you suddenly felt old - welcome to the club.

Nevertheless, Bell is adamant that this is no PR ploy and when asked whether they're open to new investors, he replied, "We're open to all serious investors. But we have 3 large conglomerates each ready to fund the whole project that we're in talks with."

If Bell is to be believed, the Mad Box is as good as built, at least as far as funding goes. Unfortunately, if this battle could've been won by cash alone, Microsoft would've done it ages ago, but it cannot so they didn't. Not for the lack of trying mind you.

Bell, however, remains enthusiastic, even if some of his claims seem a bit over the top. For instance, when asked whether game development for the Mad Box will incur "large out-of-pocket expense to get a devkit for software testing", Bell replied with a firm no.

"It will be very easy to develop for. And with our cross platform free technology, very easy to develop for other consoles and PC", Bell said.

SMS picture showing concept design on mad box console Mad Box

As enthusiastic as it all sounds, we're yet to come across a system that allows for oh-so-simple integration of various operating systems, not to mention cross-play development that Bell claims will be a breeze with the Mad Box.

Make no mistake though - we wholeheartedly and sincerely wish Slightly Mad Studios all the best in developing the Mad Box but we reserve the right to a healthy dose of scepticism when it comes to statements that sound too good to be true. In this industry, such statements usually turn out to be exactly that.

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The Mad Box, upcoming console by Slightly Mad Studios

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Mad Box

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