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Los Santos Tuners to hold console-exclusive speed upgrades in GTAO

Published: 00:50, 16 July 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Dinka RT3000
GTA Online - Dinka RT3000

Rockstar Games will add many great things to GTAO with Los Santos Tuners update but some will be locked behind exclusivity, for the time being at least.

GTA Online is getting a total of 17 new vehicles with the Los Santos Tuners update, 10 of them at launch and seven through drip-feed. Overall, it's great stuff all around and waiting for those seven cars will probably not be an issue for most players, especially since they will be drowning in all the cool new cars on the block.

However, there is more content that is coming to GTAO, announced in the same blog post, that has a pretty good chance of pissing portions of the player base off. 

While Los Santos Tuners is in near future, the Enhanced and Expanded edition is coming later in 2021 and when it does, it will allow for some vehicles to be upgraded with new speed improvements and more. Speed improvements are pretty essential for anyone who likes racing cars in GTAO and being able to bump up some of your favourites is a big deal.

The problem arises when you keep reading the bog post which states that these upgrades will be available only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as part of GTA E&E and more details will be revealed in the future. This is pretty heartbreaking for the PC crowd but there is always the chance PC will get these upgrades at a later point in GTAO's life span.


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