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Linux gets official DualSense controller drivers

Published: 14:35, 25 December 2020
artwork showing DualSense 5 controller
DualSense controller

Sony appear to have silently rolled out Linux kernel driver that paves the way towards DualSense support on Linux platforms, and it's available for download.

As caught by Exputer, Sony hid their retail name-o-nomics in a bunch of other features, but DualSense, as it is, will be supported on Linux via USB or Bluetooth.

"DualSense supported is implemented in a new 'hid-playstation' driver, which will be used for peripherals by 'Sony Interactive Entertainment' (PlayStation). Hid-sony will be used for devices for the larger Sony Group. We intend to migrate existing devices over time gradually to hid-playstation", they wrote.

Unfortunately, there's a kicker - DualSense's adaptive triggers and VCM-based haptics aren't supported yet. Sony stated that supporting these features requires a lot of data and complex data structures, which they're not sure how to perform at the moment. 

The good thing is that Sony seem to be interested in bringing DualSense support to Linux, even if they are constrained with the technical issues. They expressed hope that there can be an open dialogue on this matter, so that the features could be implemented "in time". 

There's no doubt that adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are what sets PlayStation 5's controllers from the rest of the pack, so it remains to be seen whether Sony are genuinely interested in making DualSense controllers a brand of their own. 

SONY PS5's DualSense controller, cropped PS5's DualSense controller

Creative opportunities for Sony's next-gen controller are ample, what with smart triggers and refined vibrations, but we're yet to see a proper in-game solution. Our eyes are on Hitman 3 and Quantum Error, both of whom have taken the time to fine-tune their creations for prime time. 

Thanks, Exputer .

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