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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 gets date and time-traveling villain

Published: 16:28, 15 May 2017
Updated: 16:23, 19 September 2018
TT Games
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Warner Bros., TT Games, The Lego Group and Marvel Entertainment have announced Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. The game will feature Kang the Conqueror as the main villain time-traveling and it will be available in November this year.

After fighting off Galactus in 2013's Lego Marvel Super Heroes, you'll be called to arms once more on 14 November 2017 to fight off Kang the Conqueror. A teaser trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 dropped today on the game's YouTube channel. 

The fifteen seconds long teaser shows Groot running through a city with explosions going off all around him. I read somewhere that this is a call-back to a scene in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and since I still have to watch that movie, I can't tell you what in the hell is going on there. 

TT Games LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

The second half of the trailer shows Doctor Strange waving his light shields around the game's title while the text at the bottom of the screen informs us that there will be a full-length trailer on 23 May. 

Having Kang the Conqueror be the main villain of the game offers some sweet advantages, like time travel. You see, in the comics, he uses Dr Doom's time-travel machine to go back in time to rule ancient Egypt. Another tie-in with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is the link between Kang and Mantis or, the Celestial Madonna whom he wants to be his mate. 

TT Games LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 will feature a large roster of heroes from the comics, free of the restraints of the MCU. That means that, like its predecessor, this game will feature a number of characters from all over the Marvel canon. 

There will be a hubworld called Chronopolis, because why not, connecting the players to the different points in the Earth's history and the planet Sakaar. There will also be a branching narrative, courtesy of the time-travel mechanic, as well as four-player competitive battling. 

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is due out on 14 November 2017, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A Switch version will drop in time for the holiday season.

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