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League of Legends will award more free Worlds tokens

Published: 08:50, 28 September 2021
Riot Games
Splash art for Gentleman Cho'Gath, the legendary skin in League of Legends
League of Legends - Gentleman Cho'Gath

Players noticed they got fewer tokens from League of Legends Worlds missions this year compared to the last, raising an eyebrow at Riot but it appears this won't be an issue.

League of Legends events' main draw for most players are usually the orbs that contain skin shards and with each of them costing 200 event tokens, the players can usually get one or two orbs in total, provided they don't buy the pass. 

With Worlds 2020, free to play summoners could earn 400 tokens, enough for two orbs but this has not been the case with Worlds 2021 thus far. The token total amounted to 295, leading many players to believe the amount was cut in order to force more microtransactions in the future.

However, Riot responded by stating the bulk we have is only the first batch of Worlds 2021 missions and more will be added in the future. Considering that we are still a week away from the Play-In stage, it makes sense - having completed all Worlds missions before the actual tournament starts would be rather weird.

Meddler also mentioned the rest of the missions are tied to the stuff  that was not released yet, which will probably be themed around the upcoming Nightbringer, Dawnbringer and Halloween skins.

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