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League of Legends patch 11.13 changes have been revealed

Published: 20:30, 15 June 2021
Updated: 20:48, 15 June 2021
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Picture of League of Legends champion Xayah
League of Legends: Xayah

According to League's lead gameplay designer, patch 11.13 will bring many system changes. We won't have the usual number of champions on the buff/nerf list.

After revealing the balance targets list yesterday, League of Legends' lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, gave the specific changes   for next week's patch 11.13.

The following champions are getting buffed:

  • Xayah - Q damage per dagger will be increased from 45-125 to 50-150
  • Aphelios - Passive stats will get changed from 4-24 AD to 5-30 AD, Lethality will get increased from 3.5-21 to 4.5-27
  • Olaf - Health per level will get increased from 93 to 100

The list of champion that will receive nerfs is as follows:

  • Rumble - W cooldown will get increased from 6 flat to 7-6 seconds; W movement speed will be reduced from 15-35 to 10-30 per cent
  • Lee Sin - E damage will get reduced from 100-260 to 100-220
  • Riven - E shield will get reduced from 95-215 to 82-200
  • Viego - Q minion healing will get reduced from 100 to 50 per cent; E movement speed will get increased from 20-30 to 25-35 per cent; E missile speed will get increased from 1000 to 1200; E range will get extended from 700 to 775

The new patch will also bring two brand new items - Hullbreaker and Anathema's Chains .

Riot Games League of Legends champion Lee Sin - Godfist Lee Sin splash art Lee Sin will always be a reliable pick thanks to his diverse kit

The following items will receive some changes:

  • Luden's Tempest - cost will be decreased from 3400 to 3200 gold
  • Liandry's Anguish - cost decreased from 3400 to 3200 gold
  • Everfrost - cost decreased from 3400 to 3200 gold
  • Moonstone Renewer - Heal and shield per stack will get increased from 6 to 7 per cent
  • Divine Sunderer - damage will get reduced from 12 to 12-9 per cent max. HP damage
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