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League of Legends: Patch 11.13 will bring new item Anathema's Chains

Published: 16:04, 15 June 2021
Riot Games
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One of the League of Legends game designers has revealed that a new item called Anathema's Chains will be added to the game's item shop. Patch 11.13 should go live on June 24.

League of Legends 2021 preseason has brought one of the biggest changes the game has seen so far - a complete item overhaul. This had a huge impact on the game's meta state and it took a couple of months for the dust the settle.

While the overhaul was successful to a certain degree, it's quite expected that certain items become a failure, not because they are too weak or too strong, but simply because the gameplay designers can't find the right balance. While two or three champions can exceed with a certain item, the majority of the same champion class won't even consider building it.

Riot Game's lead gameplay designers revealed that we're getting two new items in the game in the upcoming patch - Anathema's Chains and Hullbreaker. Hullbreaker has been revealed a couple of days ago and we've already covered the item one of our previous articles.

Anathema's Chains will have the following stats:

  • 2500 gold
  • 650 Health
  • 20 Ability Haste
  • Active - Vow: Choose a Nemesis to start building Vendetta over 60 seconds (90 second cooldown)
  • Vendetta allows you to take up to 30 per cent reduced damage from the marked target, 1 per cent for each stack. At max stats you will gain Vengance which will reduce your opponent's Tenacity by 20 per cent when while nearby.

This is one of the strongest and most gold-efficient items in the game, but its use will be situational. There are two most common situations when you should end up building this item. First of all, if you're playing against a strong hyper-carry team composition.

Riot Games Splash art for Nemesis Jax showing his violet outfit with golden metal armor pieces, white cape and a huge bludgeon. League of Legends - At least Nemesis Jax has a real weapon.

This item will prevent funnel composition to ever return to both competitive and casual League of Legends. The second case when you should be building or maybe even rushing this item is against a strong split push team. Taking 30 per cent reduced damage could make all the difference while playing against strong split push champions like Fiora, Darius, Jax etc.

Both Hullbreaker and Anathema's Chains will bring more variety when choosing your perfect build which is great for the game.

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