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League of Legends - New Toxicity Found With New Pings

Published: 09:23, 20 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - This means "enemy missing" and "what are you doing", at the same time
League of Legends - This means "enemy missing" and "what are you doing", at the same time

Count on the League of Legends fan base to tke something well-meaning, and turn it into a toxic slug fest. The new pings are no different in this regard.

Pinging in League of Legends is the main mode of a productive conversation. However, the system Riot Games currently have implemented is not as expansive as it needs to be, so new options are being put in.

The need for this is an obvious one, as the four old pings were used almost exclusively in other, likely toxic ways , and not in the way the developers intended them to be.

However, it has now come to attention that the new pings, however well-meaning they are, have now found themselves serving a different purpose.

In particular, we are referring to the "bait" ping, whose icon looks like a fishing hook, and is meant for setting up ganks with your laners.

Riot Games League of Legends' new pinging system League of Legends' new pinging system

However, it also looks like a hangman's noose, or at least close enough for the purposes of the League of Legends player base, and is now used to flame your teammates for bad plays, or inting in general, as an implied way of telling them to take their own life by hanging.

It was firxt seen on a League of Legends stream, and the streamer, Humzh, called it the only good thing that came out from the preseason, which just goes to show what kind of community LoL fosters nowadays.


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