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Krafton reveal 2022 roadmap featuring Callisto Protocol, PUBG: Cowboy and more

Published: 09:49, 26 July 2021
The Callisto Protocol
The Callisto Protocol should be launching in 2022
The Callisto Protocol should be launching in 2022

Krafton have revealed their future releases roadmap, which includes titles like survival horror The Callisto Protocol, PUBG western spin-off Cowboy and a new title codenamed Titan.

South Korean publisher Krafton have hosted a press conference where they shared some additional details about their upcoming releases. Krafton have many projects in the works and most of them are PUBG related but there are also other games like  The Callisto Protocol , which is set in the PUBG universe but doesn't seem to have any other connection with the popular battle royale.

Krafton confirmed via the brand new roadmap that The Callisto Protocol is still targeting the 2022 release window, which is certainly good news as it seems that there won't be any delays just yet. On the other hand, we certainly expected to hear more about the game or even get some in-game screenshots or teasers but it seems that Krafton are not ready to show us that, just yet.

PlayerIGN Krafton's roadmap showint the callisto protocol Krafton's roadmap

The roadmap also includes PUBG: Cowboy, which is a new spin-off survival game, set in the Wild West, as the name suggests.

There's also another project, currently codenamed Titan. The details about this one are pretty scarce so we'll have to wait a bit longer for the announcement, trailers and more.

Last but not least, a brand new PUBG game named New State is now on schedule to release September - October 2021.

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