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Konami shuts down P.T. fan remake for PC, but on a good note

Published: 17:06, 14 July 2018
Screenshot from fan made remake of P.T. by Qimsar

Konami have shut down the development of fan made remake of their 2014 playable teaser for Silent Hills. While it sounds bad, the whole affair ended amicably as Konami opted to use carrot instead of a stick in order to resolve the issue.

Konami's teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills game garnered more attention than Sochi Olympic Games back in 2014. Or at least it did for us gamers. Kojima and Konami's relations soon dissolved into mush, however, which led to Konami cancelling the game in 2015, and removing P.T. (playable teaser) from the PS Store.

This left many fans with proverbial blue balls, and naturally prompted some of them to recreate the teaser from scratch. Qimsar was one such developer and while many others attempted to recreate the teaser, he found the most success with it which led to several gaming sites covering his work. The word eventually reached Konami and they recently shut his operation down.

According to Qimsar's , Konami didn't actually come firing out of all cylinders, but explained the situation in a calm manner over a phone call. Not many details were given in Qimsar's post, as he dismissed most of it as "legal mumbo jumbo", but he confirmed that Konami did not threaten him in any way in order to get him to drop the project.

It turned out to be quite the opposite - they offered him short term as well as long term incentives. First, he would get some merchandise and Konami games as a short term compensation. Long term compensation was a real jackpot for Qimsar though, as Konami offered him internship in their officers in US, Europe and Japan.

Qimsar Some creepy woman is looking at the player character in P.T. P.T.

Fans of P.T. and Qimsar's work will unfortunately no longer be able to download the remake which was almost complete. That didn't seem to get them down though, as people expressed they were happy for Qimsar's success in the comments and wishing him luck in the future. Considering he is only 17 years old, this young developer seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

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