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Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez free on Epic Games Store

Published: 15:07, 14 February 2020
Updated: 15:34, 14 February 2020
Warhorse Studios
Men on horseback attacking a caravan
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

One would think Epic Games would've run out of games to give by now, but once again - it's time for a double offer. This week, you can pick up Warhorse Studios' action RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Team Colorblind's beat 'em up Aztez.

Given that Kingdom Come: Deliverance was quite a popular game when it launched in February 2018, you probably know about it, but we'll give you a quick summary anyway. 

Developed by Warhorse Studios led by Daniel Vavra, formerly of 2K Czech, KC:D is set in 1403, during a war in Bohemia. The story follows Henry, a blacksmith's son, whose village is raided on the orders of Hungarian king Sigismund. 

Henry's survival sets him on a warpath to avenge his family, and Warhorse's attention to detail make his quest both gorgeous and challenging. KC:D uses a classless system where players' actions and words affect everything from stats to relationships and reputation. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance prides itself on realism and stayed true to the era, ensuring that weapons, clothing, armour, architecture and just about everything else is in line with 1403 Bohemia. While it did suffer from some technical quirks, they've been polished since then, so we guess it's perfect timing to get on board. 

Warhorse Studios Two knights fighting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kingdom Come: Deliverance

As for the second freebie, Team Colorblind's Aztez is a side-scrolling beat 'em up with elements of turn-based strategy. 

It's set in the Aztec Empire prior to the Spanish colonisation of the continent, and you'll be fighting other warriors as well as mythical beasts, all the while trying to keep your empire alive and running. 

Team Colorblind Aztec warriors fighting in Aztez game Aztez, talk about a beat 'em up!

As you can see, the game's got quite a gorgeous visual style, and the clever choice of colours only amplifies the Aztez experience. Additionally, no two games will be the same, so the game is good for more than a single playthrough. 

Team Colorblind Aztez game's character loadout screen Aztez, character loadout

You can find the free games on the .

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, action RPG by Warhorse Studios

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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