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Kage the new Street Fighter V character is an Evil Ryu copy

Published: 18:03, 17 December 2018
Picture of Kage in Capcom's Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V - Kage

Players were left wondering what would happen with Evil Ryu as the character overcame this version in Street Fighter V and it was no longer canon. Capcom seems to have found a way to manifest Satsui No Hado in a different manner, via Kage.

Ryu overcame Satsui No Hado when he fought Necalli in Street Fighter V so Capcom needed a new way to manifest the evil spirit and its incomprehensible power. As any Street Fighter fans know, Akuma has already embraced it and some would find this to be enough, but Capcom likely saw an opportunity to sell a new-but-not-so-new character, named Kage, at the price of $5.99 / €5.99 / £4.99.

As per usual, players can opt to buy the new character with the in-game currency, at the price of 100.000 Fight Money. Kage's name is pronounced kah-geh and it seems to be an embodiment of Satsui No Hado, with no apparent host. Or at least, the host is not Ryu, so the fan favourite character remains free of its grasp.

Kage seems to be a straightforward mix of Ryu and Akuma, both visually and in gameplay. It has some of Ryu's visual traits, as the body resembles Ryu's, but also shows demonic alterations such as enlarged fangs or tusks, as well as horns, while wearing and colour palette similar to Akuma's.

Considering both Ryu and Akuma both practiced Shotokan, some familiar moves will pop up, as well as hallmark Satsui moves that were more akin to the latter. Kage possesses a variation of the Raging Demon move and tends to incorporate the axe kick into his combos. Shin Shoryuken also makes a comeback with his move set.

Capcom A plushie doll made in Blanka's likeness. I wonder how it survives electric bursts. Street Fighter 5 Blanka story costume

PlayStation 4 and PC players should have access to Kage already, while Xbox One users will have to sit this one out, just like the rest of Street Fighter V. It may be somewhat of a consolation for them that SFV was not that well received, with many fans stating it could have been a simple expansion for Street Fighter IV.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Street Fighter V - Abigail

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