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Avalanche Studios roll out cinematic trailer for Just Cause 4

Published: 17:05, 15 November 2018
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picture showing a car on the highway driving into the storm
Just Cause 4

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have rolled out a cinematic trailer for the next instalment in the Just Cause franchise and good ol' Rico is looking better than ever, while running from more explosions and elemental dangers than ever.

From explosive helicopter rides in stormy weather to serene landscapes of the fictional country of Solis, all peppered with Rico's trademark if you can think it, you can do it, Just Cause 4's cinematic trailer has got it all. The fact Solis is fictional doesn't detract from its beauty, regardless of the scenario.

As you can see for yourself, Avalanche are milking the hostile weather of Solis for all it's worth. The team have been boasting Just Cause 4, or more precisely Apex engine's capabilities in the elemental department for a , with devastating tornados flinging huge objects while calculating their trajectories in real-time. As you'd expect from the man though, Rico has a way to fight tornadoes as well - driving the .

Just Cause 4's trailer shows bits of the story as well, which has Rico going rogue from the Agency, looking to find his dad's murderer in Solis. Going rogue doesn't mean they lost track of him though, as you can see, making Rico's predicament all the more complicated.

Rico's stay in Solis is further complicated by Gabriela Moralles, leader of the Blackhand Clan, who's apparently quite ruthless. Some missions literally have the Clan controlling the tornado, but hey - Rico's bringing the thunder, so we guess that makes them even.

Square Enix have recently unveiled Just Cause 4's , which spans some 1024 square kilometres with at least 4 distinct biomes. While this is technically the size of the map of its predecessor, Just Cause 3 was mostly water - Just Cause 4 is almost entirely made of playable areas.

Avalanche Studios A plane flying to a sunset-bathed waterfall in Just Cause 4 Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 also brings some changes to Rico's grappler as well as introduces the railgun, whose secondary fire can launch a helpful, grapple-friendly drone.

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix will be launching Just Cause 4 on 04 December 2018 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Just Cause 4, shooter by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix

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Just Cause 4

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