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Just Cause 4 DLC pits Rico Rodriguez against parasitic bugs

Published: 20:30, 25 June 2019
Square Enix
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Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4's latest microtransaction-fueled update, Trial, Toys & Terror, will apparently see to it that Rico Rodriguez is not the only superpowered Solis inhabitant since it will introduce a sort of parasitic bugs, called Los Demonios.

Some fans would argue that Just Cause wasn't completely bonkers before but the latest update for the fourth instalment in the series leaves no room for doubt - it has gone completely insane.

While to suit Rico's needs sounded and looked insane most of the time, unnatural parasitic bugs called Los Demonios are the creatures that make players' fairly-unlikely-to-happen government destabilisation efforts morph into completely unnatural science fiction horror.

Apparently, the parasitic infection works much like zombies in every movie and game ever so it will attack everything in sight. 

Switching from the wonky and unnatural and into monetisation and bad news, Trial, Toys & Error update will be available on 26 June 2019 for Gold Edition and Season Pass owners while everyone else will have to wait until 3 July 2019.

Less focused on straight up money, new challenges will also be available with the update. They will offer cosmetics for the wingsuit and parachute each month but apparently, the challenges are crafted to test the skills of even veteran players. In other words, you might break an input device or two while attempting to do them.

Meanwhile, there is a Toy Vehicles pack on the microtransaction front where players will be able to spend real life money in order to put Rico in toy-sized tanks, boats and aeroplanes. Fans will likely not be thrilled with this one.

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One cannot liberate an island from a tyrant without being force-fed microtransactions anymore it seems. It's not like Rico doesn't already have overpowered means of dealing with the bad guys but slapping players with microtransaction commercials is not doing anyone any favours.

Just Cause 4, shooter by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix

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