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Avalanche Studios CEO Christofer Sundberg leaving the company

Published: 10:21, 28 February 2019
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Rage 2

Christofer Sundberg, founder and CEO of Avalanche Studios, has announced that he'll be leaving the company at the end of April 2019, so as to take some ''healthy time off'' and escape the industry's ''constant gold-digging mentality'' .

Sundberg announced his decision to the public via a Twitter post, where he said he enjoyed each of the 16 years and reminded of the company's humble beginnings in his kitchen.

His departure isn't about leaving industry though, as Sundberg insists that he's nowhere near done with games, which have been his profession since 1992.

"It’s just a healthy time off and I'll be able to return to make new fun stuff. It's important to broaden your creative horizons and that's exactly what I'm doing", he added.

He also mentioned that he's "not so fond of the constant gold digging mentality of the industry" at the moment, which we thought was a peculiar thing to comment on the way out.

With Just Cause 4 in the bag, and Rage 2 and Generation Zero approaching launch, Avalanche certainly didn't seem like they were in any trouble, although it's possible that the chase got to Sundberg.

Considering everything that's gone down in the past few months, culminating with Activision Blizzard's decision to celebrate record revenue by laying off 8 per cent of , it's hard to disagree with the man.

Games have become a product, a commodity that's milked for all it's worth, while devs are treated as an expendable workforce. As someone from the now-defunct TellTale once said - those who cared about games the most, suffered the most. 

Of course, Sundberg is probably more aware of this than most, being the CEO of a gaming company and all, so we hope he returns in a more game-centric role.

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As for Avalanche, they've got a busy schedule ahead, with Generation Zero slated for 26 March and Rage 2 for 14 May 2019, so Sundberg won't be there for the latter's launch.

You can find his Twitter page .

Generation Zero, survival game by Avalanche Studios

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