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It Takes Two sells over three million copies

Published: 00:52, 14 October 2021
Hazelight Studios
It Takes Two
It Takes Two

Hazelight Studios posted another great milestone as their latest game keeps selling like there is no tomorrow.

It Takes Two has officially sold over three million copies which is heartwarming on multiple levels. First of all, the game is a beautifully crafted co-op adventure that is followed by a kooky but equally interesting story that deals with the problems a child faces when the parents don't necessarily get along.

Besides the game being a blast, it's also great to see so many copies sold for a title that is extremely consumer-friendly. Hazelight persisted in their policy to let players but just one copy for both to play, even if it's not couch-cop. This means that potentially half the players didn't even need to buy the game and it still sold like hotcakes. This goes to show that with good service come numerous customers, no DRM needed.

On top of that, It Takes Two doesn't have microtransactions so the game is all about the player exploring and interacting with the environment rather than microtransactions and boring collectables.

One happy thought for the fans of the game and Hazelight themselves is that there might be a low-key teaser that they are working on more projects due to the high number of copies sold showing that "co-op adventures are here to stay".

Well, let's hope there is truth to it. Hazelight's games are definitely better than watching Oscars.

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