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It Takes Two is unlikely to get a DLC

Published: 21:06, 05 January 2022
Updated: 21:57, 05 January 2022
Will the Book of Love come up with new mission?
Will the Book of Love come up with new mission?

Game of the Year winner is not getting a DLC as the game's creator moves to the next project leaving fans waiting eagerly for the next game

It is not an everyday occurrence that the fans of the game are wishing for a DLC willing to pay, and a publisher, infamously known for milking games through DLC's, is not even thinking about it.

The game, developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts, not only swooped through the gaming world selling 3 million copies by October, but also received awards for best Family, Multiplayer, and Game of the Year at 2021 awards.

The game is not short by any means, as it takes between 16-20 hours to finish, but it still has left fans wanting more. People have been asking around the internet about the DLC, however, there is not a single news or even a rumor about the DLC being released.

So here are a couple of breadcrumbs that can paint the bigger picture.

  Creator has moved on to the next game

Josef Fares, the man behind It Takes Two, confirmed that he is already working on the next game, which will also be a co-op game and the next part of the Hazelight co-op franchise. 

The game's title is still unannounced and should feature some themes already found in both A Way Out and It Takes Two.

Fares did not hide his enthusiasm about the next project saying it was an even more ambitious project than the last two.

We already started the next game. It's already shaping up to be super cool. It's going to take everything to the next level. Hazelight fans will be shocked. Everyone will be shocked!

He didn't want to comment on the game's setting, as the two games are quite different in that regard and the upcoming game might be something totally different as well.

 ​ Reddit's AMA answers

Fares did Reddit's AMA (I am a) during the summer of 2021 and was asked whether they will be adding some new features or modes to the game.

His answer was a straight no, they won't, because they are already fully focused on the next game. He was asked the same question about A Way Out 4 years prior, and he gave the same answer. (which turned out to be the truth)

Even when asked about what he would change about It Takes Two, his answer was Nothing -  You have to understand my focus is not on It Takes Two anymore, it's on the next game! 

Polygon In-game world offers many opportunities for features, modes or DLC's In-game world offers many opportunities for features, modes or DLC's

  A Way Out got no DLC as well

Hazelight Studio's previous co-op game, which sold a solid 3.5 million units, never got a DLC.

A Way Out also had its fair share of fans but didn't reach the heights of the It takes two as there has been some criticism about repetition and non-engaging co-op mechanisms, nor did it win any awards. 

The game's ending didn't make it easy to come up with a DLC story that would fit into the main story,  so the DLC was never even a serious talking point.

Put together, the chances of getting a DLC for It Takes Two are really slim.

Hazelight Studios did prove that the co-op market can be lucrative, but obviously not that lucrative for EA to push for the DLC at any cost. 

Until more news arrives about Hazelight's new project, you can always get lost in any number of worlds in It Takes Two or change roles with your playing partner, as both characters have unique skills each level making the playthrough different based on which character you are playing.

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