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Modern Warfare alpha ends, Infinity Ward list bug fixes

Published: 07:07, 26 August 2019
Updated: 09:55, 26 August 2019
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COD: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare free alpha, which featured Gunfight 2v2 mode has come to an end. Infinity Ward have looked into the feedback from players and listed some of the known issues and bug fixes that have been introduced to the game.

Infinity Ward have successfully hosted a free Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alpha test for all PlayStation 4 players. The alpha featured only one mode - Gunfight - but it was available to everyone and it did not require PlayStation Plus subscription or game pre-order.

The alpha test was available until yesterday and judging by the latest Reddit post from Infinity Ward, players were really helpful and there's a ton of feedback to look into. 

Some of the bugs and issues that have been reported by players have already been fixed by developers, while others will require a bit more time. Infinity Ward listed all fixed bugs and issues and those who are being worked on. You can take a look at the list below:

Fixes and Content that have been addressed:

  • Stack: A new 2v2 map is now in rotation! Tomorrow is the last day of the Alpha, so be sure to hop online and check out all 5 maps!

  • Gunfight OSP: Instead of spawning in with a loadout, Gunfight: OSP is a variant where you’ll need to pick up weapons, lethals, and tacticals in the map

Issues Infinity Ward are looking into:

  • Head glitches

  • Explosives that cause damage through multiple surfaces

  • Inconsistencies with penetrable surfaces (metal containers, wood surfaces, etc.)

  • Freezing that results in a black screen when loading into a match

  • Picking up equipment in Gunfight: OSP won’t auto-pickup if you press square within a certain distance

Infinity Ward say that they are aware this isn't all of the feedback that players shared over the past three days, but these were the issues they've frequently seen in the reports.

Hopefully, most of these issues will get ironed out before kicks off, so players can take part in an overall smoother experience.

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