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Immortals Fenyx Rising gets Blood of Zeus crossover

Published: 02:41, 22 January 2021
Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Zeus and Medusa
Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Zeus and Medusa

Ubisoft and Netflix collaborated on a game and show crossover which resulted in Blood of Zeus popping up in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising has been enjoying quite a bit of success so far and Ubisoft are still a few expansion-sized DLC packs away from finishing the main support for the game.

Regarding the rest of Fenyx support, the game will probably get a lot of small DLC packs, such as quests and gear or cosmetics. It has already received one quest, themed after Blood of Zeus, a Netflix show that revolves around Zeus' illegitimate son. Considering the topics of the show and the game, it's rather fitting.

Players will get to acquire a quest named A Tribute to Family which will set them on the path of vanquishing Chimera and Cerberus. Completing the quest will award the players Eagle pendant and more character customisation options that are themed after the Netflix show.

Besides the goodies that can be earned in-game, players will also be able to purchase Blood of Zeus character pack which contains a themed armour, helmet, wings, mount and phoenix companion.

Whether the cosmetics are your cup of tea or not, the addition of the quest and potential rewards is a positive thing but it remains to be seen what the audience's reaction will be to adding more microtransactions to a singleplayer game.

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