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Amplitude Studios show off Humankind's terrain features and Landmarks

Published: 16:28, 20 February 2020
Mountain landscape as depicted in Humankind
Humankind, quite the view!

Anyone remotely interested in the 4X genre had to have seen Humankind by now, a gorgeous-looking strategy by Amplitude Studios and Sega. The terrain features and how the dev went about employing them to deepen the experience, sounds great.

Amplitude and Sega immediately warned fans that things seen in the trailer are subject to change, but that's to be expected. What the trailer shows is quite interesting though. 

We must admit that we're quite fond of Humankind's artistic approach, as the balance between the stylized and realistic approach is just perfect in our eyes - it makes the game's biomes quite vibrant. Naturally, this is a personal preference, we can't guarantee everyone digs the style equally. 

As with any 4X game, the terrain is the pillar of your entire gameplay, and Amplitude spiced it up with every trick in the geo-book - elevations with different slopes, cliffs, lowlands, valleys - the whole shebang. That's including the vegetation you'd expect in any biome you'd think of - Humankind's attention to detail has not gone unnoticed here.

Humankind's terrain advantages are intuitive enough - higher ground gives you combat advantages and better visibility, but it can also mean it's time to inflict as much damage before you die, specifically in the scenarios where you're surrounded.

The terrain also brings its own benefits, like different resources, which are always handy, be they food or luxury-related. 

More importantly though, being the first to find really long rivers, big deserts or unique natural wonders, allows Humankind players to name them, and become even more famous. 

Sega Humankind's depiction of Mount Vesuvius Humankind, Mount Vesuvius

"The natural wonders and what we call 'landmarks' are elements that will greatly affect the in-game economy. As such, players will feel encouraged to try and discover or conquer them, so visually, we tried to do something with them that would highlight their importance in-game", the dev said.

Humankind, 4X strategy by Amplitude Studios and Sega

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Humankind, looks like trouble approaching!

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