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Horizon: Zero Dawn's trailer lists PC features, heralds August release

Published: 17:17, 03 July 2020
Updated: 17:18, 03 July 2020
Horizon Zero Dawn - “Aloy responds to weather in a natural way, and as this image shows if can fill you with a feeling of wonder. Beautiful use of depth of field, and the right time of day for the lighting.”

Guerrilla Games have posted a gorgeous-looking trailer that lists all the graphics upgrades coming with Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC version when it launches on August 7, 2020.

We must admit that Horizon: Zero Dawn have never looked better and this is by no means a dig at PlayStation 4 owners. The PS4 version has always been a stunning visual experience, and the added PC features merely reinforce what promises to be a truly memorable experience. Again. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be launching on Steam and Epic Games Store, and by the looks of it features everything you'd expect from a AAA PC release. 

There's no doubt that Aloy's story looks better than ever, as Guerilla implemented support for ultrawide displays, unlocked frame rates and resolutions, HDR rendering and all the usual customisable features in the graphics menu.

Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC players can test their rigs with a benchmarking tool and if it ends up being close to your desired settings, you can try and boost performance with adaptive performance FPS. 

All the landscapes Aloy traverses in-game feature dynamic foliage and improved reflections for added realism, and you can see a few gorgeous scenes in the trailer. Not only do they look great, but they're also likely to make many PS4 players want to give Horizon: Zero Dawn another spin.

Guerrilla Games Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn riding a mechanic dinosaur Horizon Zero Dawn

Back when Horizon: Zero Dawn's dev team announced the PC port, a few self-proclaimed fans said that this decision is a betrayal of PS4 owners and that their years of support now mean nothing. Thankfully, the director didn't mince words and reminded him that if he gauges own experience by the degree of exclusivity, he's really focusing on wrong things. And amen to that.

Horizon Zero Dawn

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Horizon Zero Dawn - “Night time was designed as having a “long exposure” look, this image shows this off very well with a lot of range in lighting in combination with a great composition.”
Horizon Zero Dawn

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