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Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 7.6 million copies in one year since launch

Published: 22:04, 28 February 2018
Guerilla Games
Horizon: Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy, gazing into the distance
Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony have announced that their Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold 7.6 million copies in the year since it launched, racking up a notable record to go with its already hefty collection of accolades in the game's trophy cabinet.

This is no small feat for Guerilla Games, seeing as how this latest result makes Horizon: Zero Dawn a "best selling new first-party franchise launch" on PlayStation 4 as of 28 February 2018. 

The game may have been around for only a year but it snatched pretty much every living award short of Nobel's PC Excellence Award. Just kidding - Horizon: Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive and PC excellence needs no reward.

Guerilla Games A person on a cliff looking at a crimson sunset Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games are celebrating in style, with Horizon: Zero Dawn PlayStation 4 avatars of in game characters. There will also be a PS4 theme with creme of the crop of fan made snaps.

Interestingly enough, esoteric music enthusiasts, such as yours truly, may find real gold on the music side of the game's development. Namely, the team behind Horizon: Zero Dawn explored some seriously rare instruments, including that strange drum I can never remember the name of.

The team behind the music made sure that Horizon: Zero Dawn draws on realistic roots, but reinvented the musical legacy of the world. Even separate from the game, it's a pretty nice watch.

PlayStation Gear store will be holding discounts on Horizon: Zero Dawn stuff until 11 March 2018, with the following offers on the table:

  •     Collector’s vinyl soundtrack (40%)
  •     Metal prints (35%)
  •     Hoodies (30%)
  •     Snapback (30%)
  •     Strategy guide (30%)
  •     Framed prints (25%)
  •     Mugs (25%)
  •     POP! Vinyls (25%)
  •     Artbook (20%)
  •     Painted Aloy Navy T-shirt (20%)
  •     Storm Bringer Grey T-shirt (20%)
  •     Keychain (15%)


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