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Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold well over 10 million copies

Published: 16:43, 28 February 2019
Guerilla Games
A woman dressed in futuristic clothes staring at a robot
Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games have revealed that Horizon: Zero Dawn has already sold well over 10 million copies across the globe, thanking their fans for the journey and sharing some ''peculiar details'' from the development they haven't shared before.

To mark the occasion, the studio's managing director Hermen Hulst wrote a lengthy post where he thanked the fans for their passionate support.

"Early feedback suggested that we had something special on our hands, but we never suspected that we'd still be receiving daily messages of appreciation from our players in 2019", he said.

Interestingly, the earliest prototypes of Horizon: Zero Dawn used the model of the Intruder pilot from Killzone 3. Guerilla were still busy putting the finishing touches on the latter and just used the Intruder model.

Their next problem was to find the right facial model for Aloy, which was apparently even more challenging. Ironically enough, conversation director Jochen Willemsen got the flu and saw Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra while recovering, "and the rest, as they say, is history". 

The world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is awash with wonder but the first machine the studio built, which was the Thunderjaw, looked more like a LEGO blocks monstrosity. You can see the image below and every coloured part signified the parts of the machine that could be blown off.

If you've been wondering who gave baby Aloy her voice, look no further as it was senior sound designer's daughter, who was three months old at the time.

Speaking of sound, the rich audio tapestry of Horizon: Zero Dawn was not only made to sound good - musicians were brought to the studio and mo-capped while playing their instruments, so as to make their performances as believable as possible. 

Sony Early prototype and mockups of what will become Horizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero Dawn, early prototype phase

The last two are about the distinct sounds of each of Horizon: Zero Dawn's creatures, which were meticulously tailored to each. In fact, Guerilla looked at 750 bird sounds, ultimately choosing only 30 to appear in the game. 

You can find Guerilla Games' announcement and blog post in question .

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