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Horizon pick rate in Apex Legends is among the highest in the game

Published: 19:39, 30 November 2020
Apex Legends - Horizon
Apex Legends - Horizon

Apex Legends' newest character, Horizon, is seeing a lot of playtime since she is one of the five most picked Legends, besides the usual suspects.

Apex Legends, much like any other game with distinct playable characters, has fan favourites and those who are not so popular, possibly qualifying as niche picks. It is the popular crowd that the senior game designer at Respawn Entertainment, Daniel Klein, talked about during his time at The Third Party podcast .

According to Respawn's stats, the five most picked Legends are Wraith, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane and Lifeline. These were sorted in descending order, meaning Wraith is the most picked and Lifeline the least out of the top five.

In the middle of the popular kids' pack sits the newest one on the block - Horizon. Apparently, she owes her popularity to being the newest character around with most of her picks having happened in early November 2020. That said, it's possible she still retains popularity due to being a highly useful teammate, providing vertical boosts on a cooldown lower than Octane's and her ultimate is an absolute game-changer if it's placed well.

The trend of useful teammates being top picks continues with Bloodhound and Lifeline, with the latter's ability to keep fighting while reviving a teammate being one of the most powerful traits in the game.

Bloodhound seems to be a bit of an enigma alongside Octane though since neither of them has a high win rate. Then again, providing allies with a wallhack every few seconds is something everyone loves to see and the speedy boy's gameplay loop is just too much fun to miss out on.

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