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Horizon Forbidden West could be delayed to 2022, insider claims

Published: 14:12, 26 February 2021
Horizon Forbidden West screenshot showing aloy diving
Horizon Forbidden West

Industry insider Anton Logvinov has stated that Guerrilla Games' upcoming action-adventure Horizon Forbidden West could be another PS5 exclusive to get delayed to 2022.

Earlier this week, Sony officially confirmed that another PlayStation 5 exclusive Gran Turismo 7 has been delayed to 2022 and the publisher's silence on God of War, which was announced for 2021, does not give players confidence that Santa Monica Studio's big blockbuster is coming anytime soon.

It seems that most of the PlayStation 5 exclusives that Sony announced prior to the release of their new console will indeed arrive in 2022, not 2021 as players expected. One of these exclusives is Guerrilla Games' action-adventure Horizon Forbidden West, a game that is yet to be officially delayed.

And while fans expect to play Aloy's new adventure this year, a reliable industry insider Anton Logvinov, states that the game in next in line to be delayed out of 2021. In case you do not know who Logvinov is, he accurately revealed Sony's plans to port their exclusives to PC, including Horizon Zero Dawn port.

Over on Twitter, Logvinov replied to a tweet that featured delayed games, adding that Horizon Forbidden West should be joining that list. "I would add Horizon to that list too," he replied.

Of course, you should take this as speculation or rumour at this point, but Logvinov is quite reliable with his info and to be honest, it would not surprise us at all if the game gets delayed to early 2022.

Fingers crossed that won't happen, though.

Horizon Forbidden West

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