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Hoodwink joins Dota 2 in a massive update

Published: 01:03, 18 December 2020
Dota 2 - Hoodwink
Dota 2 - Hoodwink

Valve released a huge update in Dota 2 which brought balance changes to a ton of heroes but also introduced a new one that can grow trees, named Hoodwink.

Hoodwink is a fairly unique hero in Dota 2, with the ability to grow trees with the Acorn ability. When aimed at the ground, a tree will sprout and the acorn will bounce to nearby enemies, damaging and slowing them. Similarly, if targeting an enemy, the acorn will still bounce, deal damage and slow but will not grow a tree.

Those trees will not be just useful for the occasional small heal but Hoodwink can utilise them in several ways. Bushwhack lets her place traps that pull, stun and reduce the vision of the enemy heroes that approach the tree.

Similarly, Scurry will let Hoodwink gain tree walking and increased speed for some of the best possible navigation in the forest. On top of that, the ability passively grants a chance to dodge enemy attacks so make sure you don't chase the squirrel to far into the woods, the tide of battle might suddenly shift in her favour.

The ultimate ability Hoodwink uses is the Sharpshooter. Holding the button down will charge the ability to deal heavy damage, slow and Break on the enemy Hero it hits. Maximum effects are reached after charging for three seconds but the shot can't be held for more than five seconds so you will need some crackerjack timing here. On top of that, Hoodwink will get knocked back by the force of the blast. 

While a new addition is great, Hoodwink is just a tiny portion of the massive Mistwoods update in Dota 2.

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