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Hollow Knight: Silksong immortalises late fan as in-game guardian

Published: 13:12, 07 July 2020
Team Cherry
Hollow Knight: Silksong

Team Cherry, the tight-knit team behind Hollow Knight, has once again shown that heart trumps numbers, as they made sure that a devoted fan who has passed away never really leaves.

There's much to be learned from the dev's relationship with the community and even presentation of Hollow Knight: Silksong's freshly created characters is made into a mini-game for fans to untangle. 

As it turns out, a Hollow Knight fan named Seth made it his last wish to meet Team Cherry and help them design a character for Silksong. And boy did they come through. 

Behold - Seth, an ancient guardian of the Citadel, whose strength is a matter of legend. Just as before, Hollow Knight: Silksong's new guardian comes with a poetic description, that really makes yours truly glad he's not using paper to write. 

    “The Voice… has chosen me.

An eternal protector, waiting amidst tangled roots at the base of the Citadel. He guards a secret long forgotten and will attack any who stray too close.    

Imbued with stamina and strength beyond a normal bug, he strikes up close or from a distance with blinding speed. With unwavering devotion, this ancient guardian will fight until the very end, and beyond.    

Many of the Citadel’s caste have fallen to this deadly warrior. Those who encounter him should turn back, or else prepare for a vicious battle."

Team Cherry Hollow Knight: Silksong, Seth Hollow Knight: Silksong, Seth

Seth gave the community a heads up over at Reddit , where he wrote, "my wish was to talk to team cherry, which was super fun. But after the talk they said I can make a character, which I did, he’s really cool and has a boss fight but I can’t show you anything besides the name which I named him after myself (Seth) but a blog post is coming soon so I can’t wait for you to see him, and see his cool lore and design and gameplay."

Hollow Knight: Silksong, Team Cherry's DLC turned sequel

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Hollow Knight: Silksong

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